Women Grievances Cell

Women Grievance Redressal Cell



  • Provide an exclusive platform to women employees and girl students to air their grievances either in person or in writing.
  • Derive welfare schemes for women employees and girl students.
  • To establish dignity, self-esteem, and respect for women without any gender bias in the system.


About the Committee

The women’s grievance redressal committee is constituted at the beginning of every academic year with one of the senior women faculty as convener.

The committee meets every month to discuss the welfare schemes to be implemented for women and girl students.

The committee also meets as underway to make it more pro-active in the system. The cell will make every effort to ensure that the girls feel at home. The cell will resolve common problems of girl students and women employees.

This cell will also take up individual cases of sexual harassment if any. The committee will meet regularly and on the specific requirements to discuss the issues and grievances of female students and staff and forward their recommendations to the chairperson for further action.


                     Women Redressal Committee – 2016-17

S. No. Name Designation
1. Dr. Ekta Pareek Principal
2. Dr. Shipra Gupta Reader (Convener)
3. Ms. Malti Saxena Assistant Professor
4. Ms. Anju Gurjar Student Representative
5. Ms. Nisha Agarwal Student Representative