Certification Courses

Re-Imagine Education Program and its beneficiary course

The Re-Imagine Education Program and its beneficiary course is an effort to reimagine the current system of education by making the learners of today, teachers of tomorrow by equipping them with 21st-century skills.

Innovations in pre-service teacher education are the unexplored levers of change that can drastically improve the quality of our education system in the long run. Since we want our next generation to be equipped with 21st-century skills, it is essential that our teachers are prepared to teach in this new education paradigm. This program focuses on building foundational skills which form the basis of higher-order 21st-century skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, digital fluency, empathy, and collaboration.

Employability Skill Under Life Skills

Employability skill under life skill course basically introduced for developing communication skills as well as soft skills of students.

Main learning objectives of Rubicon program are following:-

  1. To identify strength weakness opportunities of learner.
  2. Two eliminate stage fear.
  3. Two articulate thoughts true PowerPoint presentation.
  4. To learn positive body language.
  5. To learn E-mail writing skills.
  6. To access candidates’ public speaking skills.
  7. To perform well during interviews.
  8. Dress to impress/Proximity/Personal hygiene.

Cyber Security Essentials

The Cyber security Essentials course is designed for students who are interested in pursuing more advanced studies in the field of cyber security. This preparatory course provides with an overview of the cyber security field. The curriculum explores the characteristics of and tactics used by cyber criminals. It then delves into the technologies, products, and procedures cyber security professional use to combat cybercrime. The curriculum is appropriate for students at many education levels and types of institutions, including high schools, secondary schools, universities, colleges, career and technical schools, and community centers.

Radio Communication

This course is an analysis of an existing radio station’s format. The station may be from the local area provided you have enough information about the station to conduct a full analysis (i.e. tapes or listening to the station via the World Wide Web). In this assignment include: station call letters, dial position, music, announcing style, format clock (overall or for day part), rotation, use of on-air personalities, promotional package, slogans, stop sets, etc. Analysis should detail how a station meets the needs of its target audience. For example if a station has a format that appeals to teens, do the commercials aired on the station target that audience? Analyses will be shared in class.


The certificate program of art and craft, adds one more feather in the cap of  professional skills of our students. It helps trainee teachers to improve their communication skills, creativity of presentation, innovative methods of making TLM, an artistic approach towards learning and explaining difficult topics with visual perception, imagination with model and creative projects. Innovative TLM projects makes difficult intangible topics easier such as linguistic concepts, poems and prose.

The certificate programme consists of practice based exercises on water colouring, colour mixing concept, clay modelling, TLM making, sketching and sculpturing.

Guidance and Counselling

The diploma programme is aimed at upgrading and enhancing the abilities and skills set of teacher educator ,school administrators as well as untrained guidance person in order to ensure the holistic growth of aspirants and ability to handle their socio-emotional  ,academic and ethical issues with ease expertise.

This may assist them to enhance and create their interest ,skills ,abilities as well as overall personality and adjustment and take the decision whenever needed.

Basics Of Dramatics

This certificate programme helps the students to enhance their personality by improving their gestures, expressions, body language, communication skills. The programme consists of exercises based on co-operation & co-ordination, imagination, self discussion, observation and acting with music and tools etc.           

Basics Of Martial Arts

Martial art is a Japanese art and in today’s era, learning and developing skills of self protection and self defense is extremely important especially for girls. Hence, this art not only makes the learners strong but also enhances concentration, intellectual capacity, self confidence and physical fitness. It covers techniques, like, Kicks, Blocking and Self Defense.

Memory Enhancement Programme

This programme focuses on the enhancement of concentration, observation and awareness, by using memory enhancing techniques. It helps the students to remember long theories, difficult words, digits, names and faces etc. The trainer focuses on the methods for improving memory, Triangle exercise, Concentration exercise, Phonetic method, tips for good memory, P.M.S. method and Effective study methods etc

French Language

French is a official language in 29 countries across five different continents and the fourth most widely spoken mother tongue in European union. Hence, making it one of the most important language of the world. The knowledge of French can give you an edge if you intent to make your career at the global level. It is considered to be one of the easiest languages to be learn by English speakers. Its Latin roots makes its closer to English. This certificate course focuses mainly on, how to read, write and speak the language.

Certificate Course in Dance

Dance lays emphasis on body movements and rhythm and hence improves personality and physical fitness. It also enhances the level of confidence and relaxes the body keeping one mentally and physically healthy. This course includes basic steps of Indian Dancing (Jumps, Walking, Spinning Hands and Neck Movements), Basic steps of western dance and few steps of Punjabi, Belle and Latin American Dance forms (Salsa, Jive, Bacchante etc.).

Japanese Language

This course is a bright opportunity for those who would like to try their hands at a new language and dip their toes in the oriental world. It aims at providing sufficient knowledge of Japanese language  for working and interacting with Japanese. It is also very helpful for those who would like to learn some quick Japanese before visiting the Land of the Rising Sun. This certificate course focuses mainly on, how to read, write and speak the language.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation improves concentration and thought processes, strengthens memory and keeps the body calm. It helps us to control temper and eliminate the mental and physical illness, keeping the mind and body fit and healthy. It includes the different postures of Yoga, Surya Namaskar and the different ways of meditation.

Spoken English

We realize the importance of English as an official language in this contemporary corporate era.  In order to enable students to communicate effectively in English, this certificate course focuses mainly on Spoken English, Pronunciation, Usage of Grammar and Vocabulary Enhancement. This is a one-month programme for all the streams. We hope that this endeavour truly synchronizes with our mission of technical education.

Principles and deals of Gita & Gandhism

Looking into the present pensive state of violent affairs and aggression, we have come up with an innovative step of introducing certificate course in the Principles and Ideals of Geeta & Gandhism. Geeta, the sacred text, teaches us to believe in the omnipresent God and the Karmas, whereas the father of the nation always believed in nonviolent ways of resolving conflicts. This course will thus inculcate these values in our students.

German Language

Learning a new language is always fun and gives you an edge if you intent to work in a multinational company. German is mainly spoken in Central Europe and is the official language of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium. It is quiet similar to English having Latin roots. Your knowledge of German will bring you closer to the European history. This certificate course focuses mainly on, how to read, write and speak the language.