Vision & Mission


Biyani Girls B.Ed. college aims towards “Women Empowerment” Biyani Girls B.Ed. College embodies a commitment to fostering women's empowerment through education. By providing specialized training in the field of education, the college equips women with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their careers and make meaningful contributions to society. Through an inclusive and supportive learning environment, students are encouraged to challenge stereotypes, pursue their passions, and become leaders in their communities. By prioritizing the education and empowerment of women, Biyani Girls B.Ed. College plays a pivotal role in promoting gender equality and advancing social progress.


“To provide the best professional education opportunities in a progressively enhanced manner” The aim of the college is to transform the hidden unlimited potentialities of girls into creativity, empowerment, and prosperity of the nation with humanity. To make the pupil teachers all-rounder the college is providing all facilities which are essential for their betterment.