Artshala The certificate program of art and craft, adds one more feather in the cap of  professional skills of our students. It helps trainee teachers to improve their communication skills, creativity of presentation, innovative methods of making TLM, an artistic Read more

Guidance and Counselling The diploma programme is aimed at upgrading and enhancing the abilities and skills set of teacher educator ,school administrators as well as untrained guidance person in order to ensure the holistic growth of aspirants and ability to Read more

Basics Of Dramatics This certificate programme helps the students to enhance their personality by improving their gestures, expressions, body language, communication skills. The programme consists of exercises based on co-operation & co-ordination, imagination, self discussion, observation and acting with music Read more

Basics Of Martial Arts Martial art is a Japanese art and in today’s era, learning and developing skills of self protection and self defense is extremely important especially for girls. Hence, this art not only makes the learners strong but Read more

Memory Enhancement Programme This programme focuses on the enhancement of concentration, observation and awareness, by using memory enhancing techniques. It helps the students to remember long theories, difficult words, digits, names and faces etc. The trainer focuses on the methods Read more

French Language French is a official language in 29 countries across five different continents and the fourth most widely spoken mother tongue in European union. Hence, making it one of the most important language of the world. The knowledge of Read more

Certificate Course in Dance Dance lays emphasis on body movements and rhythm and hence improves personality and physical fitness. It also enhances the level of confidence and relaxes the body keeping one mentally and physically healthy. This course includes basic Read more

Japanese Language This course is a bright opportunity for those who would like to try their hands at a new language and dip their toes in the oriental world. It aims at providing sufficient knowledge of Japanese language  for working Read more

Yoga & Meditation Yoga & Meditation improves concentration and thought processes, strengthens memory and keeps the body calm. It helps us to control temper and eliminate the mental and physical illness, keeping the mind and body fit and healthy. It Read more

Spoken English We realize the importance of English as an official language in this contemporary corporate era.  In order to enable students to communicate effectively in English, this certificate course focuses mainly on Spoken English, Pronunciation, Usage of Grammar and Read more